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TIL: Python recursion limits

Published September 27, 2022 in today I learned - 0 Comments

Today I learned that you can get (sys.getrecursionlimit()) and set (sys.setrecursionlimit(limit)) the Python interpreter’s maximum stack depth. I can see that on my system, the maximum stack depth or recursion limit is 3000. Exceeding the limit results in a RecursionError. This came up in a Prefect flow using a LocalDaskExecutor that attempted to serialize an […]

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TIL: Python logger extra keyword

Published April 21, 2022 in today I learned - 0 Comments

Today I learned that extra arguments can be passed to any Python stdlib logger method that logs a message with the extra keyword argument as a dict. The extra arguments may be used in a formatter or with other logging tools like structlog. Output is: 2022-04-21 00:47:31,691 Critical error message! | Linux #29~20.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Fri […]

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TIL: How to pass extra gunicorn arguments to MLflow server

Published March 22, 2022 in today I learned - 0 Comments

The MLflow server exposes the –workers flag to change the number of gunicorn workers, but if you want to pass other arguments to gunicorn then you need the –gunicorn-opts flag: It looks like –waitress-opts serves the same purpose if running MLflow on Windows. If passing the –gunicorn-opts flag to a container running the server on […]

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