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Docker Compose for integration testing

Published June 17, 2018 in devops - 0 Comments

For integration tests with few external dependencies that don’t require much orchestration beyond networking Docker containers and setting up environment variables, Docker Compose is a simple and easy to manage solution for building, running and tearing down tests.

This Flask application example is typical. The project’s multistage Dockerfile defines both the service and test images:

FROM python:3.6 AS base

# Upgrade pip
RUN pip install --upgrade pip
WORKDIR /usr/app
COPY . .

# run app with gunicorn server
ENTRYPOINT ["gunicorn"]
CMD ["flask_app:app", \
     "--bind", "", "--log-level", "debug", \
     "--access-logfile", "/usr/app/logs/access.log", \
     "--error-logfile", "/usr/app/logs/error.log", \

FROM base AS deploy

RUN pip install -r requirements.txt

FROM deploy AS test

RUN pip install -r test_requirements.txt

ENTRYPOINT ["pytest"]
CMD ["-s", "-ra", "--cov=.", "t"]

The web application and test services are configured with the following Docker Compose file along with MongoDB, which is required by both services:

version: '3.4'

  # MongoDB
    hostname: mongo
    container_name: mongo
    image: mongo:3.6.3
      - '27017:27017'

    container_name: flask
      context: .
      target: deploy
      - ./logs:/usr/app/logs
      - '5000:5000'
      - mongo
      - mongo

    container_name: test
      context: .
      target: test
      - ./logs:/usr/app/logs
      - mongo
      - mongo

I usually run the test suite using the docker-compose up command, which can build, connect and run the services defined in the Docker Compose file. I’ve found it useful to get the exit code from the test service, which is webapp_test here, to report if any tests failed. The –exit-code-from flag takes care of this, and also has the side-effect of turning on the –abort-on-container-exit flag to stop all services when the test service terminates.

TeamCity, which is what I’m currently using for CI, has a Docker Compose build runner that runs the docker-compose up -d and docker-compose down -v commands on a given Docker Compose file. Unfortunately, this build runner currently (v2017.2 and earlier) doesn’t supported any other flags.

Instead, I use the command-line build runner to run docker-compose up to run Docker Compose commands. The command line build runner is used to run any command line tool or script supported by the build agent OS. An extra build step that calls docker-compose down is needed in this case.

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